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The Optomap Retinal Imaging device is one of the biggest breakthrough’s in visual health assessment in recent times.  It allows our optometrists to view blood vessels within the retina. This allows us to directly see eye conditions and provide a very accurate diagnoses. In addition the Optomap allows us to discover signs of other underlying ailments and diseases such as stroke, heart disease, hypertension and even diabetes, all of which are visible in the retina.

By performing an exam with the Optomap we are able to identify early signs of these conditions long before you notice any vision or physical symptoms, which is key in developing an appropriate treatment plan.

While it is generally true that an eye evaluation is for determining the overall health and prescription needs and changes of your vision, an Optomap allows us to see the overall health of the eye itself.

At Starbase Optometry in New York City, we will continue to encourage our patients to allow us to perform this technologically advanced scan of the retina and take a giant leap towards defining the health of your vision.

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