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Many ask the question as to what the differences are between a Glasses / Spectacle Exam and a Contact Lens Exam.

An exam for eyeglasses measures several different factors than what a contact lens exam measures for.  In a glasses exam your eye doctor not only determined the prescription needed for both eyes but also takes several measurements to determine the proper fit of your spectacles.

Dr. Sean Fein and his team take great care in helping their patients not only make the decision of whether to choose glasses or contacts but also take great pride in assisting patients with choosing the right pair of glasses for their needs.

Our office takes the time to show you proper care and usage of your new glasses but also tips on maintaining optimal condition.

Whether you wear glasses for reading or wear them full time they become an extension of you and your unique personality. Starbase Optometry wants you to not only feel comfortable in your glasses but also love how you feel wearing them. We have an extensive array of brands, styles and options to make your choice as unique as you are.

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