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Glaucoma is a condition of the eye in which increasing pressure is being applied to the eye causing nerve damage and gradual loss of vision.

The most commonly diagnosed type of Glaucoma is called “Open Angle Glaucoma” where there are typically no symptoms aside from the gradual vision loss.

The other type of Glaucoma called “Angle Closure Glaucoma” is considered a medical emergency and is classified with symptoms such as eye pain, nausea and a sudden visual disturbance. This type of Glaucoma is relatively rare.

If you have Glaucoma or Glaucoma runs in your family it is imperative that you maintain a schedule of exams and follow ups to monitor and test for the condition. Early detection is key in these types of visual conditions.

Dr. Sean Fein and his optometric team will be able to set you up on a schedule that is convenient for you in order to properly monitor the condition.

The AAO suggests that people who are at risk for glaucoma have complete eye exams according to the schedule below: 

  • Ages 40 to 54, every 1 to 3 years
  • Ages 55 to 64, every 1 to 2 years
  • Ages 65 and older, every 6 to 12 months

Your eye doctor may advise you to have eye exams more often, depending on your level of risk and your overall eye health.

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