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If you are interested in contact lenses there is typically an additional test that is needed to determine overall eligibility for contact lenses.  Dr. Sean Fein and his optometric team in New York City are specially trained to not only determine this eligibility but also test your vision with contact lenses to find the best prescription for your vision needs.

These tests help determine the type and prescription of your contact lenses but also the size of the lenses you will need as well as perform a tear evaluation, making sure your eyes produce enough tears to comfortably wear contacts long term.

If you are able to wear contact lenses without immediate issue you and your eye doctor will determine what type of contact lenses are for you.  There are many types, styles, sizes and brands to choose from.  Do you want disposable contact lenses?  Do you want extended wear contact lenses?  Would you like colored contacts?

Typically your eye doctor will fit you with a trial pair of contact lenses that you wear for a short period of time.  A follow up exam will be scheduled to make sure everything feels right and you have properly adjusted to your new lenses.

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